Devotional Studies

I have a passion for people being able to read their Bible for themselves. That means I want them to learn to hear the Holy Spirit teach them from the words, not word (message), rather than being told what the passage says and means from a leader, church, group. This does open the door for disagreement, so this requires that I, as a leader, learn to trust God in the teaching process with His children.

Most people are not opening commentaries, Bible dictionaries, and college curriculums to learn and they probably won’t. And even if they did, many of these resources tell you what to think of a passage rather than help you think and learn through prayer, obedience, and faith.  This being said, I am highly in favor of a broad spectrum study, but that does not teach you to read the word of God and may even confuse and frustrate you.

Most Christians eventually will start doing daily devotions, some with a devotional book and the Bible and some with just one of these. I have been again disappointed in the “shallow” way most devotionals are written.  Those that aren’t shallow have an agenda of telling you what to think, more than teaching you to read the Bible.

This section of the blog will have devotional studies that will be aimed at teaching you to read the Bible. The goal is a study that can be done daily in 10 minutes or less, but also could lead to deeper study.

Impossibilities Mark 10:17-27


  I have been reading Mark 10:13-22 in the New Testament. It struck me that the rich young ruler in verse 17 was not like a little child when he came to Jesus. He was complicated, thinking he could give something to God that would earn him heaven. Children come with empty hands... They expect to receive, because parents give.