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How Do You Live in a World Without Trust Romans 3:1-8

How Do You Live in a World Without Trust?

Romans 3:1-8


A couple sits down with me for counseling.  And they say of each other, “I don’t trust him/her.” And by most thinking that signals the end of the marriage. For marriage is a sacred trust.  (disclaimer- this is a repeat issue in counseling, I don’t have any of you particularly in mind.)


Splinters, Beams, Pride, and Deceit

Prov 12:20 and Prov 13:10

Scripture Reading: Matthew 7:1-6

This has been a very difficult sermon – It started with praying over Prov. 12:20 and thinking through this verse from a very different perspective than I have in the past.

I used to read it as people who have evil thoughts are deceivers.  But that is not always true.  Some are just straight out evil. Up front about it.