Bible Studies

Genesis 3:1-7 Sin and the Serpent

I have been blessed to have in my possession a "Conservative" Jewish commentary on the Torah. (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) I was curious as to how it would view Genesis 3. Many Jews don't believe the devil is a real person. As I read this commentary on Genesis 3, it was titled, "the Transgression".

Song of Solomon: Desire

I have been reading Song of Solomon with a mind toward the typology of Christ and the church. I was struck by the groom's (Christ') statement in 7:6. "How fair and how pleasant art thou (the bride, the church), o love for delights."
In 7:10, The bride says of Christ, the groom, "His desire is toward me."
The setting all throughout is a garden, a place of pleasant fruit enjoyed by 2 lovers. 5:1 "I am come to my garden." says the groom (Christ) and 7:13 "pleasant fruits… laid up" for the bride to give the groom.

To Understand Sin You Must First Understand Righteousnes

I have been struck by how little we see sin in ourselves and how poor our understanding of it is. For so long sin has been recognized by breaking the rules. When I remember that sin is a failure to measure up to Christ perfections I begin to see that doing wrong is just the tip of the iceberg. All of my dysfunctional behavior, my selfishness, my lack of love for my neighbor (because I am too tired, too busy, too...) is sin. Even my physical imperfections are unacceptable to God.