To Understand Sin You Must First Understand Righteousnes

I have been struck by how little we see sin in ourselves and how poor our understanding of it is. For so long sin has been recognized by breaking the rules. When I remember that sin is a failure to measure up to Christ perfections I begin to see that doing wrong is just the tip of the iceberg. All of my dysfunctional behavior, my selfishness, my lack of love for my neighbor (because I am too tired, too busy, too...) is sin. Even my physical imperfections are unacceptable to God.

The power of love.

This article is just an introduction to these thoughts. How does God love us? Does love have any power? As I dwelt on these 2 questions I came to realize that human love is a poor imitation. It usually loves something like this. I love you if or since you do... You can supply the action, behavior, or requirement.
God's love on the other hand has no "if" or "since" in it. It is an enabling, empowering love that loves "so that you can do." It does not enslave, it frees.

The Value of a Man

How is a man's value determined? In our world it is often determined:
- On the job by what he produces
- In school by the grades he earns
- In sports by the games he wins, the stats he adds up
- In the arts by his talent, performance
- In fashion by how he/she looks
- In family by how good a husband, wife, lover, parent he is.

John 3:16

John:3:16 Is an awesome verse. It is followed by verse 17. "god sent not his son into the world to condemn the world"... I am so glad that is true.