God's gentleness

Jesus identifies with us in our condition as broken sinners. He does not sympathize with us, for that is condescension. He comes down personally to our level. The Bible says he became one of us.

The Arrogance of being Right

I am very concerned about the inability to disagree in our churches and in our society today. We know how to argue. We know how to demean those we believe are in error. We do not know how to build a consensus. To most people to have a consensus means to have everyone think the same about a subject. Philippians 2 shows us that God builds consensus by humbling himself and meeting us where we are wrong. There is no arrogance here. He is right (obviously), yet he demonstrated no arrogance toward those who were wrong. He loved and served them.

Love Chooses How to See Others

How I see you or self effects how I behave. If I see you as an object of Christ' love, then
1 Cor. 13 says that :
- I will put up with a lot.
- I will be kind to you
- I won't envy what you get away with or have
- I won't lift myself up against you - rather I will humbly serve you
- I won't be thinking that I am better than you, more valuable than you.
- I will behave in ways that don't shame you.
- I will be unselfish toward you.
- I won't be easily angered at you.
- I won't want evil to happen to you


All governments fail because they seek to control people. It does not matter what kind of control they are seeking. Governments succeed when they seek to develop character in its citizens and to guard that character in its citizens. True character is godliness. Daniel 11: 32 "the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits."
This is why God says people need a new heart. The unregenerate, lost heart is unable to be godly. Even under Solomon and under David, the 2 greatest kings in history government failed because the people did not have a new heart.