Ensample or Example

"ENsample is not the same as example. An ENsample is to serve as a model for imitation. example is to serve as an illustration for your learning. It's extremely important to get the real definition of these words in order to get the correct context, which will lead to your proper edification! our language has devolved so even if a word is in your new dictionary, it has lost its full meaning which would change the context of what you are reading in your bible. (KJV is the most reliable) since the Oxford English 1828 is hard to come by, the American dictionary of the English language by Noah Webster 1828 is also a reliable source. "

I am not sure where this definition comes from but it is a good one. In 1 Peter:5:3 Peter tells Pastors to be ensamples to the church of how to suffer in this world for Christ. It means Pastors are to be a model of humility, meekness, good citizenship. They are to be a model of how to reveal and manifest to believers and unbelievers that you are secure in Christ, trusting Him to keep you from the moment of salvation to the moment of perfection and maturity in the resurrection.

That is from 1 Peter:1:5 to 1 Peter:5:10. "Kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation."

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