The Priority of the Bible

Recently my wife said to me how much she respected me when I preach and teach the Bible, because of my deep commitment to the Bible as the source for all information. 2 Timothy:3:16-17 I strongly believe this verse. I measure all things by the word of God. I try to define all Bible words from the word of God. (How does God use a particular word?) I try to find Bible stories that illustrate a word. Recently I was teaching on Proverbs:7:1 where the Father (God) instructs his son (us) to "lay up" the Father's words. To illustrate that I went to Matthew:6:19-20 where we are commanded to"lay up treasure in heaven." The phrase, "lay up" has the idea of "investing in". We invest in God's word.
I believe the Bible is perfectly practical to all areas of living life even if I don't know them all know. It is more than sufficient. "All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable (it is a worthwhile investment) for doctrine (teaching) and reproof, (telling me when I am wrong) for correction, (how to get right) for instruction in righteousness. (how to live right): that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works."
I am trying to put all my eggs, my investments into this one basket called the word of God. I believe that I have found the pearl of great price that Jesus talks about in Matthew:13:46.

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