Genesis 3:1-7 Sin and the Serpent

I have been blessed to have in my possession a "Conservative" Jewish commentary on the Torah. (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) I was curious as to how it would view Genesis 3. Many Jews don't believe the devil is a real person. As I read this commentary on Genesis 3, it was titled, "the Transgression". Yet in the commentary they said "Neither here nor anywhere else in the Hebrew Bible is their (Adam and Eve) act characterized as sin, let alone the Original Sin." I immediately thought of Job:31:33, "If I covered my transgression as Adam, by hiding my iniquity in my bosom."
It also did not surprise me that none of the commentators saw the serpent as the devil. Most saw it as allegorical of either sexual temptation or of the spirit of rebellion that we struggle with as we grow from childhood to adolescence. There may be some truth to these, but if you study the serpent, the worm, the crooked serpent throughout the Old Testament, you will see that it is the one we call the devil, the anointed cherub that fell. See Ezekiel:28:14-18.
It is interesting to me to watch people treat one section of scripture very literally and with context built out of cross referencing and then, because of unbelief, refuse to even look at a passage in the same way so that they can reject what is either an objectionable doctrine like the reality of the devil, or because of spiritual blindness. This is not just a problem of those whom we who are "saved" call unbelievers. This is problem of saved people who reject objectionable truth or are spiritually blind for one reason or another.

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