Politics and Money


Many Americans believe that how our government spends money will determine the moral character of our nation; this leads them to think that one political party, or economic system is better than another. They condemn one political faction and embrace the other. They view this as a way to balance and correct the economic, social, racial... injustice in our world. It is the condemning of the other party that is wrong. Both parties are necessary; or to say it better, “disagreement is necessary to balance out the biases of human nature.” 

1. They forget that both political parties are part of this world system and are corrupt. Neither holds a moral high ground.

2. They forget that the currency is Caesar's" and therefore is corrupt.

3. They forget that Jesus refused to arbitrate financial injustice between "brothers". (because the issue was one of greed, even on the part of the one who had been wronged)

4. They assume that true power is in the money. This thinking is idolatry.

5. They forget that only God is the power and has the power. "The love of money is the root of all evil." Love corresponds to worship. People talk about what they worship. If you are always talking about money (even government budgets) it is idolatry; not "being responsible." What is in the heart comes out the lips. The Bible does teach that charity comes from the heart; not the government. The sad news is that Christians on both sides of the political spectrum put their trust in money more than they put their trust in God and this idolatry is so deep in them that this kind of talk seems "strange" to them.

Money is not the language of heaven. We walk on gold there; it is nothing of value. This is not advocating irresponsibility, for we answer to God as to how we spend and use our resources. This is a reminder that should teach us how to be more responsible.