Brett Kavanaugh and Justice

There are some times that I have wondered about my speaking out concerning Brett Kavanaugh. I have wondered if I should. There will be people that IO love that will alienate themselves from me because I have spoken up. It breaks by heart. 
Some have called this a job interview and said it is no big deal. I fully disagree. It is a senate hearing. A hearing is a legal action. There are rules for legal actions that are clearly being violated. If it were "just" a job interview, there are also legal rules for job interviews. They too have been violated. 
But this has never even been about Brett Kavanaugh; he is just a means to an end. That end is the filibustering of President Trump's judicial appointment with the hope of the coming election taking away the possibility of him appointing the next justice. This makes Kavanaugh a victim, even if he did sexually assault someone. (that is not in any way belittling the horrendousness of sexual assault.) It also is an injustice to every victim of sexual assault. No one's personal pain should ever be a "tool" for someone else to get what they want. That is using people.
It also is an assault on our legal system. There should never be the use of someone's pain to manipulate the political world. Judicial issues should be above politics. It should be objective. I fully get that this is impossible, but what is happening now is not even pretending to be objective. I have heard several people who should know better say there is no harm done to Brett Kavanaugh if he doesn't get the position. There has been harm done to him even if he does get the position. 
Our legal system has long ceased to be about truth and justice. It is about who can USE the law the best to get what they want. That is obscene. When I was a contractor I went as a witness to an arbitration hearing on a job that had been terribly done. (the person I was being a witness for had a terrible lawyer) The lawyer for the contractor asked if I had an engineering degree (which i don't) and then dismissed me. I participated in another such case where the contract actually said "remove old roof shingles before putting on the new ones". This was never done and yet the contractor won. 
I believe that God is a God of balance. That is sometimes called "karma". They are not the same thing, but they are close. Those who are misusing the law and this situation to get what they want (manipulation) have forgotten this. The "me too" movement had many good things about it and it only a little bit went over board. (unbalanced things) The mistreatment of Brett Kavanaugh has undone much of what was gained in the "me too" movement. That makes me sad.
We live in a day where being a victim is almost a badge of honor. (in one way or another we are all victims) No one's pain is really that much greater than someone else's. But... many experiences are much worse. The difference is not in whether you experienced pain, but in whether you blamed others or took responsibility for your own moving on. I moved on by learning to trust God with my pain.