Loving People or Protecting Self

Stepping back from difficult people does not transform you. It protects you. Learning to love people the way that God calls us to seems to be so very impossible, especially when they are difficult.  God wants to transform us from being fearful of being hurt, or fearful of doing the wrong thing, or fearful of being rejected and hurt again. He does this by telling us to proactively love difficult people. This does not mean "fixing" them. It means "loving" them.  

Those That God Would Use Must First Suffer

Those That God Would Use Must First Suffer.

Those that God would use must first suffer. There are no exceptions. But you are not ready to be truly used until you can thank God for the suffering and Focus on Him and His goodness, rather than on the suffering. The suffering is not a god to worshipped. It is a tool to be used to worship and glorify God.

How Do You Live in a World Without Trust Romans 3:1-8

How Do You Live in a World Without Trust?

Romans 3:1-8


A couple sits down with me for counseling.  And they say of each other, “I don’t trust him/her.” And by most thinking that signals the end of the marriage. For marriage is a sacred trust.  (disclaimer- this is a repeat issue in counseling, I don’t have any of you particularly in mind.)


Things That I Have Learned Through the Brett Kavanaugh Ordeal

Things That I Have Learned Through the Brett Kavanaugh Ordeal

      I have learned a lot about human nature through the agreements and disagreements over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the supreme court.  Unfortunately, it does not reveal a pretty picture of humanity; especially my own.

1.     Pride and Contention

Brett Kavanaugh and Justice

There are some times that I have wondered about my speaking out concerning Brett Kavanaugh. I have wondered if I should. There will be people that IO love that will alienate themselves from me because I have spoken up. It breaks by heart. 
Some have called this a job interview and said it is no big deal. I fully disagree. It is a senate hearing. A hearing is a legal action. There are rules for legal actions that are clearly being violated. If it were "just" a job interview, there are also legal rules for job interviews. They too have been violated. 

I Am a Christian

I am a Christian. I am not a Republican or a Democrat, or a conservative or a liberal. I am a sinner saved by grace called to make my God look great through humble servitude. The word, Christian, has been desecrated by "Christians" who have redefined its meaning as political, or as a moral position, or as a lifestyle. (no smoking, drinking, 'sinning') Wrong definitions are defiling to the name of Christ. I am sorry if this offends some of you who think the 'issues' you put forward as what it means to be a Christian are what defines you.

"Here I am": The Perfect Prayer

My prayers should start with, “LORD, Here am I”. (see Moses at the burning bush) “Here I am” opens the door for more communication. It is saying, “I am listening, tell me more.”

If you think the blessing of prayer are in the answers and results you have a wrong theology. It shows that you are looking for shortcuts/ a different and new way to get God’s gifts, help, answers. But the blessing is in the relationship with God, not in the answers to our requests.

6 Primary Goals For My Life

1. Live to glorify God.  (that He might be seen in every moment and in every area of my life).  1 Corinthians 10:31, Ecclesiastes 9:7-10

2. Build Community (especially Spiritual Community). "Till we all come in the (comm... unity) unity of the faith."  Ephesians 4:13,     Ecclesiastes 4:8-12  Galatians 5:14

3. Know Jesus, Not just know about Jesus.  Philippians 3:8, ! John 1:1-3

4. Live to be like Jesus, by being in His presence and seeing Him .  Seeing Him is transformative.  1 John 3:2,   Psalm 17:15,                      2nd Corinthians 3:18,  Romans 8:28,29

God is not a Capitalist or a Socialist

Christians can be so reactive rather than proactive. And in the process, they completely miss the truth. God is neither Capitalist or Socialist. Righteousness exalts a nation, not an economic system. In either system those who control the capital will either do well or terrible. Why is it that as we grow more and more socialistic more and more people are enslaved in lower income brackets and the gap between the haves and the have nots is growing out of control? It is because of sin in the heart of those with the capital.