Why I Am No Longer a Calvinist


I have long wanted to write about why I left Calvinism. This is difficult to write because I wanted to answer every question that I could imagine a Calvinist would ask; and they have lots of questions, that they often don’t really want to have answered. Their questions are often condescending and intended to condemn (put down) those who aren’t Calvinist. When I was a Calvinist that was my attitude.


Living your Faith

Living your Faith.

Living your faith in front of your children is something I see many serious Christians try to adhere to.  The problem is that they don’t even know what that means.  It is not being moral, religious, passionate for holiness, passionate to be separate from the world (the one that is outside the home, forgetting that the world is in our hearts), or even passionate to be theologically and Biblically correct.

Proverbs 31 woman explained

I am sharing this article from a FaceBook post. I really like it and hope you do too. This is shared with permission.

"My husband had the jeweler engrave 'Proverbs 31:10-31' on my ring. Because that's how he sees me... as the Proverbs 31 woman. ..Right?

But I was thinking one day about that... and I realized that the Proverbs 31 woman does not exist in a vacuum... she has a husband. A Proverbs 31 husband.

What does that look like?

Unicorns and Politics

Unicorns And Politics: Job 39:9-12

Scripture Reading: Daniel 8:5-8 

      Unicorns are in the Bible.  They picture/ represent/ symbolize kings/ kingdoms/ rulers/ presidents/ dictators and so forth.

The fact that they are in the Bible bothers some people.  They say, “There is no such thing as unicorns; the Bible is full of myths.” 

Some say, that the Unicorn in the Bible is a hairy Rhinoceros.

Who Are the False Prophets and Teachers of 2nd Peter Chapter 2?

                                                    Who Are the False Prophets and Teachers of 2nd Peter Chapter 2?

2nd Peter chapter 2 is describing people who are saved believers in Jesus Christ. They have trusted Jesus Christ and have identified with him and with his church; yet they are false prophets and teachers and they have many saved followers. They are often the majority of the church in any generation.

Unity is Not Agreement

On church unity:   Just recently we had a vote at church that was pretty divided.  It was only about 60 % approved.  I was very pleased with the unity displayed.  That may sound strange, but it is not because unity is not agreement.  It is a willingness to work together in God given disagreement.  There could have been no unity if people had not been listening to the Lord.  It is also possible that the majority were the ones not listening to the Lord; but I do not think that is the case because there was no lording it over those who were in the minority.